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Sunday October 15, 2023

EDT 3.0 Instrucciones

Reproduce el paisaje sonoro de 2 horas u
descarga el archivo MP3,
inicia la reproducción al mismo tiempo que lxs demás.


EDT 3.0 Instructions

Play the 2-hour Soundscape
download the MP3 file,
start your playback at the same time as others.



Download MP3 File (159 MBytes)


Scrub Audio | Scrub with Simulated Echo


Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT) 3.0 (Amy Sara Carroll, Ricardo Domínguez, Trevor Henthorn, Elle Mehrmand, Gustavo Martínez, Doreen Ríos, Ricardo Sierra, Brett Stalbaum) and with critical contributions by J.D. Margulies.